Can I wear sneakers to work?

Sneakers have become a staple in our wardrobes and now several important designers are offering them. They are going to be one of this season 's big trends!
But a few days ago I was asked if business women could wear Converse sneakers to work...I was like hum...
Well, let's say that this depends on the field you are in.
So to give you a clear answer: yes if you work in new technology, creative or artistic fields, otherwise it's better to avoid them.
But even if wearing sneakers are "allowed" in some fields I would suggest:
  • Pick some stylish and clean ones (especially if white!)
  • Take it to another level! Meaning: compensate the "effortless-sporty-teenager attitude" with an elegant and edgy outfit. For instance: short collar dress + tights + converse or masculine blazer + slim + sneakers...
  • Pay attention to your accessories (bag, watches, hat, jewels, scarf...)They should be a little bit refined and should reflect your personality.
Here are some outfits spotted on the web, (Pinterest, netaporter), which are especially well done.
Which one of these would you pick?
Do you or would you like to wear sneakers to work?
How would you match them?

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How to wear cropped pants?

Have you noticed those gorgeous cropped pants in the last fashions shows? They have a specific cut directly inspired by menswear. Would you like to give it a try and add this garment to your wardrobe?
These are the kind of pants that I would definitely recommend because they fit any body shape. Here are a few tips to choose and wear them:

- if you are less than 1.60m wear them with high or kitten heels
- small belly and medium hips? Pick a high or medium waisted ones.
- flat bottom? Avoid linen, silk or a fabric too thin.

Don't wear them too casually, think "elegance and chic"!
Here are some combination suggestions to inspire you, enjoy!

white shirt + mid or high heel court shoe
Victoria Beckham version: a must!                    another one @ Asos
belted jacket + doctor bag+ pointy boots
Stella Jean
 waisted jacket + big cuff+ lace up ankle boots
Giorgio Armani
a retro-romantic blouse+ wool blazer + salomé shoes
Dries Van Noten
Which one of these combination do you prefer? Do you wear cropped pants like these? Don't be shy! Show off your ankles, spring is coming...soon!! 

Upgrade your Business Suit

Among women's' business attire the black suit & white shirt is a classic but can come across as overly formal.
It is possible to stand out from the crowd by creating a style that is personal and make you feel good and confident. Here is some advice I usually give my clients.

Here are 4 different ways to give your basic suit some personality:

  • Mix fabrics: pick a blazer with different color and material (wool, chambray, leather, velvet corduroy...) from your bottom, and pair it with a silk blouse. It will create contrast and embellish your silhouette.
Rag&Bone (netaporter)

  • Accessorize: one single accessory can make the difference! Pay attention to quality and remember that "less is more".
with a scarf
scarf D&G (netaporter) 

a beautiful belt 
Maison Boinet

 statement jewelry
J Crew
  • Layer: as shown here below with a printed blouse and a plain color suit.
or like this:

  • Add color: it's fine to wear neutrals but give your suit a "chic with a twist" touch by picking one color and showing it in different hues. (for instance in the photo below with red, see the shirt + collar + blazer + shoes)
And you? Do you accessorize, layer, add color or mix different fabrics?  How do you upgrade your suit? Share your thoughts!

Menswear Fall 2014

After browsing through the latest men-fashion shows in London, Milan and Paris here is in a few words what comes to me to describe the season trends:

layering        untucked shirts         dots        Dr Martens    
double breasted jackets     perfecto   sneakers     Tartan
leopard prints      classy jogpants       cardigans      loafers with buckles

sweaters    bi-colors coats    animal prints   
And to give you some more inspiration, my selection of a few outfits from the runways: 


Victor & Rolf


Do you have any favorites? Which ones??


When on wardrobe-detox or shopping assistance it is not rare for me to advise my clients to wear dresses at work...even during winter! Dresses are women best-friends and not only for cocktail parties!
As long as the dress code of the company you work for is respected and once you know the cuts that suit your body shape (thanks to your personal stylist!) it is an elegant, yet comfortable alternative to the too often seen black & white suits!
Here are some of my tips for choosing and wearing dresses at work:

  • Pay attention to cuts and fabrics:
Adolfo Dominguez
  • Pick one with subtle details: peplum, collar, lines, leather pockets...
 Karen Millen
  • Don't be afraid of prints, do layer the dress over a shirt
Tory Burch
Karen Millen

  • Dare vibrant colors (that flatter your skin tone)
 By Malene Birger
Adolfo Dominguez
From a business point of view your style is very important. How you dress at work? What is your casual business outfit? Do you wear dresses at work?
A bientôt!


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Place to shop hats and caps in Milano

La cappelleria Melegari, via Paolo Sarpi is a must see place for hat and cap lovers!  Great  as well for stylish gift ideas! 

Jewelry: the essentials for Active Women

I recently had a conversation on the phone with my friend Emma who just got promoted and found out that some jewelry was missing to complete her "business-women perfect wardrobe".  Dress-codes exist and are a little bit different whether you work for a bank, a retail company or in the cosmetic industry... But from Paris to Hong-Kong or Tokyo there are some essentials that every business-women should have in her wardrobe. In that case, this is the list I would always check when dressing my client:

The watch: of course the unbeatable Rolex and Cartier. But if you don't want or don't have the budget to invest in it, legendary brands like Omega or Longines have beautiful and timeless pieces. And for smaller budget Louis Pion or Fossil offer nice models as well.
Pion (left), Longines: La Grande classique, (right).

The ring: usually something not too big for practical and safety reason...

Earrings: remember the ones with long feathers you bought in Bali? Forget about them. Make it simple and chic!

A bracelet: If big bangles are not very appropriate for you (computer typing..), choose a leather cuff or small chains.

Necklaces: choker or a string? Depending on your outfit and body shape...
Avoid pearls like turquoises or corals, too "summer holidays". Favor nacre,  citrine, amethyst etc...

Don't forget: less is more, choose only a few accessories and go for some or even just one that will add personality to your outfit!

And now for inspiration: my selection!

1 Delphine Pariente @L'exception, 2 earrings Marni @Ssense, 3 Wendy Nichol glod pyramid studs, 4 Coccinelle, 5 Viveka Bergstrom ring, 6 Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, 7 Dannijo crystal earrings @ ssense, 8 Coralie de Seynes choker.