The Winter Coat

It s getting cold, we know it and among the Winter essentials  coats are at the top of the list.
Have you found the perfect one for you yet? If you are on a tight budget choose one that will match with most of your outfits. 
And this does not mean that you have to pick a black one.
There are so many other colors! Stand out from the crowd! Black is not always the most elegant and flattering color...
When choosing your coat, pay attention to the fabric, (percentage of wool...) and cut, and go for one that flatters your body shape or at least that does not add too much volume to the largest part of your body. And now for my suggestions! Enjoy and share your thoughts, what is your ideal winter coat?

A classic cut playing with bicolor effects, this coat will upgrade your jeans and sneakers. (Max & Co)

This peacoat with a beautiful collar shawl will bring softness and coolness to any classic outfits. (Sézane)

A double breasted coat, a perfect cut for the "petite silhouette"! (Zara)

Yes, this one is black but with interesting details as the contrast panels in textured teddy materials. ( COS ) Avoid total black with a bright color jumper!

Beautiful cut with nice details (contrast double notched lapels) and flattering colors for this coat. (Mango)

Layer this faux shearling coat over anything from jeans to long dresses. (Elizabeth and James,

For a perfect fit I would like to share one tip regarding the length of the sleeves. To make sure the coat fits right you need the width of two fingers between the end of the sleeve and the palm of your see? Easy, n est-ce pas?!


You have probably noticed: the leather skirt is a staple this coming season! And if you check your wardrobe now, chances are you might find one waiting for its time to be awoken like "sleeping beauty."
My style tip for day time: to make wearing it less daunting, avoid high heels and sexy tops but mix and match it with masculine or sportswear clothes and accessories.
Here are my proposals from work to Sunday brunch.
I hope you will be inspired, thank you for reading!

Liberty chéri, how can I wear you?

The beautiful cotton fabric Liberty is synonymous with freshness, romanticism and sweetness. We can find it mostly in Children's collections but several brands also offer it for adults depending on the season. ( Cacharel, J Crew...)

Here is the catch:

- we can find it anywhere so be careful of fakes!
- after age 30 you can 't wear it the same way!

Men would wear small details (jacket pocket, collar, inside lining...), the most daring wear shirts or swimsuits!

 (shirt and swimsuit Hartford, Celio outfit )

For women it's better to avoid too much so as not to look like a young girl covered in flowers.
- no sleeveless blouses and no puffy sleeves.
- no combo of a Liberty skirt+ lace top+ ballerina flats
- no smocked dress with thin straps

Instead emphasize contrasts like a classic Liberty jacket with a big flashy necklace and jeans!

 (outfit JCrew)
Another idea works well: chinos + Liberty blouse + heels

Wear it where it's unexpected!

  • a hat
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers
  • Bag or pocket

 (Liberty jacket and jeans JCrew, Ipad pouch Liberty of London, Hat Citystadium, sneakers Vans)

You can also dare to opt for more original, like retro motifs for a more specific and personal style!

 (photo dress, Liberty Supercut, blouse on Etsy)

With Liberty everything or almost is allowed as long as you don't take it too seriously. Dare to shake things up! Are you ready?

Thanks to Marine Crenn, founder of Supercut, for asking me to write this article for her blog,(where you can read it in Italian)! Do drop by her beautiful online fabric shop and discover her amazing selection of hard to find designers fabrics; a rare gem in the Italian market!

Can I wear sneakers to work?

Sneakers have become a staple in our wardrobes and now several important designers are offering them. They are going to be one of this season 's big trends!
But a few days ago I was asked if business women could wear Converse sneakers to work...I was like hum...
Well, let's say that this depends on the field you are in.
So to give you a clear answer: yes if you work in new technology, creative or artistic fields, otherwise it's better to avoid them.
But even if wearing sneakers are "allowed" in some fields I would suggest:
  • Pick some stylish and clean ones (especially if white!)
  • Take it to another level! Meaning: compensate the "effortless-sporty-teenager attitude" with an elegant and edgy outfit. For instance: short collar dress + tights + converse or masculine blazer + slim + sneakers...
  • Pay attention to your accessories (bag, watches, hat, jewels, scarf...)They should be a little bit refined and should reflect your personality.
Here are some outfits spotted on the web, (Pinterest, netaporter), which are especially well done.
Which one of these would you pick?
Do you or would you like to wear sneakers to work?
How would you match them?